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1⃣What brought you to marriage agency? Why you selected NEXUS marriage matchmaking ?

👨I signed up for marriage agency to get help to find a life partner as it is difficult to meet with people in daily life that have the same goal of marriage.

I selected NEXUS because I wanted to find a Japanese partner and NEXUS large database is good for that.

2⃣ Please let me know the comment after you started using our service.

👨There are many people to choose from, which is a good point. I like the service where counsellor will recommend ladies to me based on my profile and preferences.

Although there are some dates that did not work out, I am happy that I was able to meet with ladies with different characters through the 2+ years.

3⃣ Please let me know the first impression when you meet an engagement partner at matchmaking date.

👨First impression that is important for me are the looks and also personality

of the engagement partner. It is important that we can have a good conversation

due to similarities in hobbies, job and goals for the future.

4⃣ Please give advice to the person who is considering to use our service from now.


1) It is easier to get into the next step of exchanging contacts if the other person chose

you first and you accepted it. It is harder to get connected if you select people so you

have to send more requests to meet to receive a response.

2) Pay attention to the recommended people by your counsellor monthly, your counsellor will select and recommend in the system based on your preferences and high potential to be matched.

3) Your counsellor will give you good advice about dating and making the relationship work, always ask for advice for certain situations and counsellor will help you navigate.






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