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Just Engaged !

Our members just engaged !

Please join to celebrate this couple ✨✨✨

👨Early 50s, Lives in EU, Researcher/Professor

👩Late 30s, Livs in Tokyo, Manager

Dating period : 4 months

I wonder if he person will be awarded the Nobel Prize ✨✨✨

He is ✨✨✨ a very talented person who was doing wonderful research with enthusiasm that he could help many people.

He has decided to marry a very nice lady, and I am sure that he will work more and more energetically in the future.

They enjoyed long-distance dating in Japan and overseas, and it became a marriage in a short period of time.

Even he is tall and looks nice,

Since he became our member,

With the help of our counselor, his looks became even more attractive ❣

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. O !

May you be happy for many years ✨✨✨


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