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Q&A : Singaporean gentleman

Q & A from a Singaporean gentleman who engaged with a Japanese lady 🥰

👨Early 40s, Singaporean, Professional job

Dating period 4 months

❶What brought you to marriage agency? Why you selected NEXUS marriage

matchmaking ?

I was looking for marriage matching agencies. There is a Singapore branch of NEXUS.

❷Please let me know the comment after you started using our service.

I was glad that I chosed this service !

❸Please let me know the first impression when you meet an engagement partner at matchmaking date.

I knew she was the One!

I was glad that I joined this marriage agency!

❹Please give advice to the person who is considering to use our service from now.

The image of marriage agency is not good in Singapore . But you should try it if you are serious about marriage.

Thank you 😀

Congratulations on your engagement of marriage ❣️


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