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Q and A : a male member who engaged !

Please let me share the Q and A by a male member who engaged !

👨Western, Late 20s, Lives in USA

Membership period 9month

Dating period 8 months

NEXUS Questionnaire

1.What brought you to marriage agency? Why you selected NEXUS marriage

matchmaking ?

When I found out the matchmaking service, and that it was possible online, I thought it was a great way to meet someone. I choose NEXUS because I wanted to find an agency that could communicate in English and that has a good truck record.

2.Please let me know the comment after you started using our service.

NEXUS was always very helpful and would respond very quickly if I had questions or concerns.

3.Please let me know the first impression when you meet an engagement partner at matchmaking date.

I was really amazed that we had so many common and had a lot of same values. It was a lot of fun to meetup for the first time !

4. Please give advice to the person who is considering to use our service from now.

If you are serious about meeting someone, it is definitely a good value !

Thank you !

Congratulations on your engagement of marriage !!


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