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Q and A : Japanese lady 20s married to non-Japanese male member

👩late-20s; lives in Japan

Membership period: 3monthsDating period: 2months

1⃣ Why did you start using marriage agency? Why did you choose NEXUS?

It was when I realized that I strongly wanted to get married.

It would be ideal to have a life partner that has an international perspective and connections with Singapore, which I love, and it matched to strengths of NEXUS. 2⃣ What was your impression of the member activities ?

Originally, I started out more slowly and anticipably, but after meeting the future life partner, my thoughts changed 180 degrees, everything went in the right direction, and I'm really glad I chose NEXUS !

We also appreciate their support. 3⃣ What was your first impression of your future life partner? The matchmaking date is supposed to be about 1 hour, but when I noticed it, it was 2 hours, and I was surprised that there were many things in common even though we were born in different countries. I wanted to see him again soon.

4⃣ Why did you decide to get married and what episodes did you have during your dating relationship? We looked exactly like each other, we felt comfortable, we didn't hesitate at all, and we were confident that we would continue to trust, respect, and support each other. 5⃣ Please give a message to those who are looking for a future life partner ! If you take action, you will learn something, and whatever the outcome, it will be a rewarding experience for you. If you are not sure about what to do, please be brave and take a step forward. Thank you for answering the questions. We wish your happiness !


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