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Questionnaire : Male member who engaged in 2 months

❶What brought you to marriage agency? Why you selected NEXUS marriage

matchmaking ?

I searched and found NEXUS.

❷Please let me know the comment after you started using our service.

I am glad that I was able to meet a wonderful lady right after joining NEXUS.

❸Please let me know the first impression when you meet an engagement partner at matchmaking date.

Before we met in person, we had talked several times online, so I was able to get a general idea of her personality beforehand. When I met her in person, I thought again that she was a wonderful lady!

❹Please give advice to the person who is considering to use our service from now.

I thought it was important to have a thorough conversation, get to know the other person's personality, and convey my own personality.

Thank you 😀

Congratulations on your engagement of marriage ❣️


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