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Q&A : Lady age 50s

Please let me share the Q&A from a lady age 50s who engaed with a younger life partner.

❶What brought you to marriage agency? Why you selected NEXUS marriage

matchmaking ?

I registered because it was the last year of my 40s through the introduction of a friend who met my partner here.

❷Please let me know the comment after you started using our service.

There were times when it was difficult to adjust my schedule while I was busy with work, but I'm really glad I kept going.

❸Please let me know the first impression when you meet an engagement partner at matchmaking date.

He was a completely different type of person from the people I had met before, and I was very impressed.

❹Please give advice to the person who is considering to use our service from now.

If you clarify the type of partner you are looking for, when someone who fits that image appears, you will think that it may be this person.

Thank you 😀

Congratulations on your engagement of marriage ❣️


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