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Additional Services

Matchmaking events, which we recommended to those seriously hoping for marriage and who would like to meet more than one potential partner at a time.

Various Online/Offline Matching events, recommended for those who are looking for someone 

*If attendants didn’t have the chance to exchange contacts, counsellor can help facilitate the exchanging of contacts after the event.

Seminars are personal lessons recommended to those who would like to engage in self-improvement.                    


Speed dating with Japanese ladies in Singapore

Amy Okudaira Law of Attraction seminar in Singapore

To help you achieve better dates and improve the chances of a successful match, our Experts provide additional services to members and Non-members.

Dating coach by elite matchmaker

It is an English online/meetup lesson by an Elite matchmaker

Japanese/English lesson on Matchmaking date, First date

It is a Japanese / English conversation online lesson by a native speaker who assumed actual matchmaking date.

Since it is made up of topics and answers that are friendly to western men / Japanese men, it is very popular that the conversation got excited and we were able to deepen our bonds in a short time.

Raquel T.jpg

Raquel T

Style and image advisor, dating and relationship coach.
"I have helped style models and celebrities in fashion industry, but I most enjoy styling ‘real’ people.  A make-over can have a lasting transformative effect on someone.  It makes me feel great to help someone look more attractive than they thought possible, and in turn become more confident.
Later in my career I became a professional matchmaker at an elite agency.  It was a fascinating and engaging period during which I realized just how many wonderful people are out there, enjoying professional success but feeling unfulfilled when it comes to relationships and love.
It gives me no greater joy than to help others grow, to discover their fullest potential, to find love – whilst looking their absolute best!"


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