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Service flow of Full membership


Free Profile Registration

Please register your profile online (10 min)
>>Pre Registration Form
Profiles of 2 Candidates of your Life partner will be emailed (No photo, No personal information)                    





Our staff is available in throughly to answer any questions or concerns that you may have in   
consultation. Counsellors also show you the recommended active members.                    


Personal introduction

After registration completes, our counsellors will select potential life partners based on each client's   

individual preferences and personality. Members can search other 80,000 members in App (depend on the plan).


Matchmaking date, Videophone matchmaking date

After confirmation of intention of each clients,  we provide in-person Matchmaking services.



Both member's contact information will be released only when both members agreed to start dating.



Engagement of Marriage

Congratulations !
Please come to our office together as a part of your celebrations.


Necessary Documents at registration

  • A copy of Passport photo copy page and Current address page

  • Certificates that shows your marital status and IC (If you are a Singapore resident)

  • 1-2 of your best photos taken within last 6 months

  • Signed agreement 

  • A copy of documents that certifies your current job and annual income (eg. Tax return receipt) 

  • A  copy of job qualification (If you are a lawyer, medical doctor, etc)                        


Not only in Singapore

Our member Japanese marriage agencies federation is the largest in Japan with 80,000 members and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 
We can assume to all our members that  they will have abandance of aportunities to meet ideal Japanese partners.                    
We also have global networks in EU, USA, South Korea.               

Our plans

Because it is a contingent fee structure,  you can start safely. 
There are 3 types of plans for roughly devided. 
For detailed plan and fee, please contact for information.

Global plan

We introduce members who lives in Neighbourhood countries (Such as Singapore, USA) from 2 databases.
If both members agree, we set up in-person or videophone matchmaking date.

Basic plan

For active members who are looking for Japanese Life partners in Japan.
In addition to Global plan, you can access the database of 80,000 members.

Free registration plan

We introduce a member only when full member requests us the meeting with you. 

Member profiles

Profiles including (Age, Nationality, Race, Religion, Educational background, Height, Marital Status etc.) and Photo              
Additional information such as annual income and family construction, can be requested 


NEXUS Exclusive matchimaking

65 Chulia street, #46-00 OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513
TEL: +65-6670688

4F Nihonbashi KN bldg., 3-2-14 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027  


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