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Privacy policy

NEXUS Japan (KONKATU) will not share any information about you without your written consent other than in connection with the service and any verification checks done for background or marital status.


For verification checks, the organization providing the verification service for we will be provided with the basic necessary details about you in order to perform the service.


The organization providing the verification service will also be obligated to us to keep all information provided to them confidential and private.


  • Members of NEXUSwill be provided only with general information and your photo prior to the date/appointment. They would not be provided with your contact details unless you have given NEXUSthe permission to do so. 

  • Personal information such as member's name and place of work will not be displayed on our non-member and our member site.

  • Both parties’ name and contact information will be released only when both have agreed to start dating seriously.        

  • NEXUSwill delete member profile when requested. 

  • NEXUSwill delete all member profile when member resigns.

  • Your individual use of the service and your interaction with other members through NEXUS will be kept strictly private, unless you give written consent, however, that NEXUS may be required to disclose information relating to you to legal authorities if they have the proper authorization (such as court order).


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